Board of Trustees

Mary Parker, president. Mary has lived in Highlands Ranch for 12 years with her husband and four kids. She loves exploring the many parks and trails nearby as well as attending community events. The sense of community, people willing to help one another, and its proximity to so many amenities are just a few reasons she loves living here. Mary joined the board of trustees to become even more involved in maintaining the beauty and history of Highlands Ranch.
BobEpstein_editedBob Epstein, secretary/treasurer. Bob has lived in Highlands Ranch for 22 years. Bob enjoys the opportunities to socialize in Highlands Ranch, the many events and activities in which he participates, the variety of shops and restaurants, the great recreation facilities and programs, and last but not least the people! Bob serves on the foundation because he believes in the mission and accomplishments of the foundation and thinks there is more to be accomplished for the benefit of all community residents. Bob is one of the original trustees and a former president of the foundation board.
GaryHerbellacropGary Herbella, trustee. Gary has lived in Highlands Ranch for more than 20 years. The open space, parks, and recreational facilities are what originally attracted him to the area. He has enjoyed watching the community mature and being a part of that process. Gary served 10 years on the Metro District Board of Directors and held several volunteer positions with the Highlands Ranch Community Association. His motivation with the foundation is to help the community develop a character that brings a sense of pride and satisfaction to its residents.
Roy Mapp, trustee. Roy has lived in Highlands Ranch for 17 years. He enjoys Highlands Ranch because it is a beautiful area where people take pride in their community. He volunteers his time on the foundation board of trustees so that he can contribute to the place he calls home.

Foundation seeking new board members
The foundation is currently seeking new board members to fill vacancies on its Board of Trustees. To learn more about this opportunity contact Carolyn Peters at 720-240-5931.